Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pure Silk Review #PureSilk

This is my first time using shaving cream in a long while because the ones I've tried before didn't do anything that regular soap couldn't do for my shaving needs. So I was glad to receive Pure Silk in my #vowvoxbox from Influenster so I could give shaving cream another thought. 

I like how it nourishes my skin after shaving and helps me see where I am shaving so I don't miss a spot. It is very easy to apply and a small bit goes a long way. I have not missed a spot or cut myself since I started using Pure Silk, even after using a fresh blade. I little goes a long way so spay a little in the palm of your hand and massage it a bit before you apply it to the area you are shaving. Shave as normal and you will so that after you shave your skin is soft and smooth, just like it should be.  #PureSilk

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