Sunday, August 31, 2014

Want In on the Influenster Boxes I Have Been Blogging About?

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 I have found lots of my new favorite products I would never had tried if I didn't receive them compliments of my influenster box. Check out the pics below for just a couple VoxBoxes I have received in the last couple months. Once I send you an email, make sure to connect all of your social media to it, like facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, G+, etc. The more social impact you have the better your chances are of getting a box. The tasks are fun and really easy to do! You also get entered into sweepstakes for gaining badges and you may end up with a full line of products or other various prizes. 



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Dog Shampoo and Conditioner giveaway

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance Tampons 16ct

I received these compliments of playtex and influenster in my vitalityvoxbox. I had just started my monthy a few days ago so it was the perfect time to test out the playtex sport fresh balance tampons. 

I did my daily run and had no problems. The odor shield did its job preventing odors. I love the applicator, it did not hurt using it as it is soft, unlike those rigid cardboard applicators that some tampons come with.I would compare it to Tampax Pearl, which is what I normally use because I love the applicator.  Only qualms I had was that the tampon was still very dense and compact after using, it did not spread out like it says it does on the package.

  You would definitely need to change your tampon after a few hours if you are working out, or have a heavy flow. Tampon works like a tampon! :) If only tampons came with pain relievers for the pain that comes with your monthly if would be perfect. 

What tampons are your favorite to use? Have you tried this kind of tampon before?  Let me know in the comments #Playon

BikiniReady Energy Gummies

 I received a sample pack of two gummies in my vitalityvoxbox from Influenster. Two gummies were honestly not enough to make a complete review so I can only review about the dietary stats and flavor. 
Two gummies have 1/4 the amount of caffeine as my daily red bull, but has 20mcg of B12 which is 333% of my daily needs.. I tried them first thing in the morning and I did feel a slight boost of energy but it quickly went away. I ended up cracking open a redbull anyways as two gummies didn't give me the energy I needed for my day. The bottle says to take 5 gummies each day. I might have had the energy I needed if I was at least given a sample pack of 5 gummies, or a full bottle to try to make a better review. 
I had a purple and orange gummy in my pack. I have no idea what flavor the purple one was because I was taken aback by the taste as it was not what I was expecting, but I'm assuming it was grape. The orange one tasted better and tasted like orange. They were coated with a little bit of sugar but that wasn't enough to make them enjoyable and I needed a drink of juice after to get the taste out of my mouth. 
There are three flavors in their regular sized bottle grape, orange and cherry. I was hoping to get a cherry flavored gummy.  I would rather take a pill than chew those gummies. I have read a few other reviews and every one basically says thing same thing as me, so maybe the will listen to their audience and change up the flavor. 

Thank you BikiniReadyLifeStyle and Influenster  for the chance to sample a couple gummies of your product for free. #bikinireadylifestyle

Flawless Future Powered by Ceramide Caplet Serum

I received a small sample of Flawless Future Powered by Ceramide Caplet Serum by Elizabeth Arden in my VitalityVoxBox from Influenster to try out. It was one of my favorite products in my box my sample is almost gone. It claims to make your face look stress free, even when you are not, and it sure does the job right!

It goes on smooth then as a slight stickiness to it for a few minutes, but goes away in a matter of a minute. My skin feels great afterwards and it doesn't make me break out or anything. I love this product. I have nothing bad to say about it, other than wishing I received a bigger sample to test out! 

It prevents the signs of aging, instead of trying to fix it afterwards, which I love. It has liquid in it as well as little white caplets that break when you pump it out. The contents look so sophisticated.
A 1fl oz bottle goes for $60

Thank you Influenster and Elizabeth Arden! #FlawlessFuture

To see more information about this product, check out this link:

If you have tried this product as well, let me know what you think in the comments!

VitalityVoxBox from Influenster

Got some great products in my VitalityVoxBox from Influenster this month. Contents include:

  • Softlips Cube Vanilla Scent
  • Playtex Sport Fresh Balance 16ct Tampons
  • BikiniReadyLifestyle sample pack of two gummies
  • Pure Leaf Tea with Lemon
  • First Degree Burn Cream
  • Elizabeth Arden Sample of Flawless Future Powered by Ceramide Caplet Serum

The soft lips cube is fantastic. It is my new favorite go to lip balm. I put it on at least 4 times daily. I used to use soft lips but honestly just forgot about it as chapstick was more available and cheaper. But now that I have seen/felt how it makes my lips feel. I am definitely buying soft lips cube from now on. 

Lucky for influenster, I started my monthly a couple days ago so I was able to try my Playtex tampons. I wrote a separate review here.

I wrote a separate review for the Elizabeth Arden Serum which you can find here.
I will add to it if I decide more information needs to be said

I also wrote a separate review of the BikiniReady Energy Gummies, I will add to it if I remember more info in the future.

Luckily I have not needed to use the burn cream just yet. Once I do  I will write more info here or make a separate blog post. I always seem to burn myself taking things out of the oven, but I have learned to be more careful. 

The Pure leaf tea is actually pretty good and I'm not that into tea. I got the tea with lemon and I'm glad I did because I like my tea with lemon when I do drink it. Way better than Lipton if you ask me!

That's it for now! I will update soon. 
Let me know what you think of these products if you have tried them or received the vitalityvoxbox too! 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pure Silk Review #PureSilk

This is my first time using shaving cream in a long while because the ones I've tried before didn't do anything that regular soap couldn't do for my shaving needs. So I was glad to receive Pure Silk in my #vowvoxbox from Influenster so I could give shaving cream another thought. 

I like how it nourishes my skin after shaving and helps me see where I am shaving so I don't miss a spot. It is very easy to apply and a small bit goes a long way. I have not missed a spot or cut myself since I started using Pure Silk, even after using a fresh blade. I little goes a long way so spay a little in the palm of your hand and massage it a bit before you apply it to the area you are shaving. Shave as normal and you will so that after you shave your skin is soft and smooth, just like it should be.  #PureSilk