Thursday, May 28, 2015

Carefree Acti-Fresh Body Shape Panty Liners

 When i received my Carefree acti-fresh body shape panty liners compliments of Influenster, I thought it was going to be the same ol liner like every other brand and type of liner out there. I was very mistaken.
 I have to say, these are the smallest, lightest liners I have ever seen. When I hold them in my hand I can barely feel it. They work extremely well. For one, I can not feel it when i wear it. Even as I sit here, with my legs crossed, I can not feel the edges on my thighs like all the other liners I have ever used. These do not have any wings, but it doesn't need them as it stays in place no matter what I do. I can even roll around on the floor with my dogs and it doesn't budge. The are so small you can fit them in ANY purse and carry them with you on the go. I can do my morning exercises without worry.

These liners don't feel bulky and I have not felt uncomfortable once while wearing them, and I don't even feel self conscious, like someone can tell I'm wearing it, which is how I have felt in the past with some other brands of liners.  
Whether you are lightly spotting, wanting to stay fresh while working out, or keeping a clean feeling all throughout the day, these liners are exactly what I need. When I'm at the store I will reach for the Carefree acti-fresh body shape panty liners from now on.

I would encourage you to keep one or two in your purse for your everyday life. You never know what you are missing out on until you try something new.


  1. I got these for my first Smiley360 mission! And yes, I thought they are one of the better ones out there too. But I'm kind of partial to Carefree so maybe that gave them an unfair advantage...

    1. Thanks for your feedback! They were better than expected. I'm happy!

  2. I was searching for my favorite pantyliner so I wasn't partial to any certain brand. But after trying these I think I have found my go to pantyliner.