Have any gas-only or petrol-only receipts laying around? What about a receipt from the restaurant you went to for dinner last night?
Each of these receipts now earn Sweepstakes entries!
We're excited to introduce the Sweepstakes Entry reward for all receipts, now including:
  • Gas-Only / Petrol-Only Receipts
  • Restaurant Receipts
  • Bar Receipts
  • Bakery Receipts
  • Cafe Receipts
Every qualifying receipt uploaded to Receipt Hog now earns you an entry into our monthly sweepstakes drawing where you can win big to the tune of 5,000 coins!
Monthly Prizes
5 users win 5,000 coins
500 users win 200 coins
5,000 users win 20 coins
For more examples of how receipts earn, checkout the information button at the top of your receipt list!