Saturday, November 21, 2015

Grand Cru Black Ejuice Review- Now with UPDATE!

"Black" by Grand Cru is described as a flakey strudel pastry layered with a rich blackberry/apple filling and sweet cinnamon sugar. The VG/PG ratio for this is a max 100% VG ratio.

The first flavor that hits you is the strudel. Once you take a hit and exhale, you will taste a subtle cinnamon flavor. It is a nice addition to the ejuice. It isn't too harsh and is just enough and it really pairs well with the strudel. I think it's the perfect amount.

For me, I get the strong strudel, and a light cinnamon flavor on the exhale, but the blackberry/apple was lost in my ejuice.. I didn't taste either one of those flavors in my batch. I'm letting my ejuice steep for a while to see if it draws out the fruit flavor, as I was really excited to try that flavor combo. I will update if I find any changes.


Womp, there it is! After letting it steep for a week and a half, WOW what a difference. The strudel flavor has now subsided and has allowed that sweet blackberry/apple flavor to come out and play! What a world of difference.  The flavors pair so well together and you get a sweet/savory hit.

 Before, the strudel was so overpowering and it made the juice unpleasant. I threw it in my box and almost wrote it off. Decided to give it another shot today and I had to double check the bottle because it didn't even taste like the same juice.

 I now know the importance of steeping your juice. Maybe you have a juice or two in your box that you ended up not liking. I encourage you to give those another shot, you might be as intrigued as me!

You never know how long the ejuice has been sitting in a shop or factory. I know when most of us get juice, we want to use it right away, but try to plan out to where you can let your juice chill in a dark dry place for 3-14 days to be able to taste the juice the way it was intended.

I love the label, and I'm really proud of the picture I took. It's only from a cell phone, but I think the label really pops, especially in the daylight. This is one of the few ejuices that actually have the description on the bottle.

I sampled this juice using my Kangertech Subbox Mini at 25.0W

Grand Cru has four ejuices in their line, Black, Sapphire, Pearl, and Imperial. They sell for $19.99 for a 30ml bottle


  1. I think this juice sounds really delicious (after the steep) and something I would really enjoy. I love max VG dessert juices, so I'll keep my eye out for this one! That was an excellent review, with really good info about steeping. I think you hit the nail on the head about that, and this info will help a lot of people, including me! I'm going to go back to some juices I initially rejected, but couldn't bear to get rid of, and give them another chance! Thank for the excellent review, and I'll be looking for more to come! ;)

    1. Thank you so much Lysa! If I can help just one person with my reviews, it's totally worth it to me! There's so much to learn about vaping and I want to help others as I learn myself.