Wednesday, August 27, 2014

BikiniReady Energy Gummies

 I received a sample pack of two gummies in my vitalityvoxbox from Influenster. Two gummies were honestly not enough to make a complete review so I can only review about the dietary stats and flavor. 
Two gummies have 1/4 the amount of caffeine as my daily red bull, but has 20mcg of B12 which is 333% of my daily needs.. I tried them first thing in the morning and I did feel a slight boost of energy but it quickly went away. I ended up cracking open a redbull anyways as two gummies didn't give me the energy I needed for my day. The bottle says to take 5 gummies each day. I might have had the energy I needed if I was at least given a sample pack of 5 gummies, or a full bottle to try to make a better review. 
I had a purple and orange gummy in my pack. I have no idea what flavor the purple one was because I was taken aback by the taste as it was not what I was expecting, but I'm assuming it was grape. The orange one tasted better and tasted like orange. They were coated with a little bit of sugar but that wasn't enough to make them enjoyable and I needed a drink of juice after to get the taste out of my mouth. 
There are three flavors in their regular sized bottle grape, orange and cherry. I was hoping to get a cherry flavored gummy.  I would rather take a pill than chew those gummies. I have read a few other reviews and every one basically says thing same thing as me, so maybe the will listen to their audience and change up the flavor. 

Thank you BikiniReadyLifeStyle and Influenster  for the chance to sample a couple gummies of your product for free. #bikinireadylifestyle

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