Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance Tampons 16ct

I received these compliments of playtex and influenster in my vitalityvoxbox. I had just started my monthy a few days ago so it was the perfect time to test out the playtex sport fresh balance tampons. 

I did my daily run and had no problems. The odor shield did its job preventing odors. I love the applicator, it did not hurt using it as it is soft, unlike those rigid cardboard applicators that some tampons come with.I would compare it to Tampax Pearl, which is what I normally use because I love the applicator.  Only qualms I had was that the tampon was still very dense and compact after using, it did not spread out like it says it does on the package.

  You would definitely need to change your tampon after a few hours if you are working out, or have a heavy flow. Tampon works like a tampon! :) If only tampons came with pain relievers for the pain that comes with your monthly if would be perfect. 

What tampons are your favorite to use? Have you tried this kind of tampon before?  Let me know in the comments #Playon

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