Sunday, August 31, 2014

Want In on the Influenster Boxes I Have Been Blogging About?

Send me a facebook message with your email address and I'll give you an invite!
Link to my facebook page: Shelly's Facebook page

 I have found lots of my new favorite products I would never had tried if I didn't receive them compliments of my influenster box. Check out the pics below for just a couple VoxBoxes I have received in the last couple months. Once I send you an email, make sure to connect all of your social media to it, like facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, G+, etc. The more social impact you have the better your chances are of getting a box. The tasks are fun and really easy to do! You also get entered into sweepstakes for gaining badges and you may end up with a full line of products or other various prizes. 




  1. This box definitely looks different and intriguing as it definitely looks like things I wouldn't even try x
    han // emandhan xo

    1. Hi Emily! You know, I thought so too when I started getting boxes. But just from the two pics I've posted (I have received a few more boxes since then) I can tell you I use the face scrubber and Olay Tone Perfecting Cream and shaving cream everyday since receiving them. And I use the Softlips cube everyday and is still in my purse. We are all different and once you input what you would use and wouldn't use you would most likely receive different boxes than I would since you are expressing you wouldn't like any of the things I received in my boxes. :)